Chronos was the Greek god of time; he ruled over time much like the way time now rules over the men and women who are imprisoned. Each written piece on show has been created by someone who spends most of their incarceration locked in a cell. Despite the rules, limitations and constraints, they have been able to produce something imaginative and meaningful. Many people in prison write poetry or letters as a release for their emotions; it can help them to direct their thoughts in a positive way, allow them to reflect on their own lives and is a method for passing the time. They can write what they want, when they want; their writing is their freedom.

This work is about those people and the passage of time they experience. Prisoners write as a way of escapism, a way of freedom, the wide-open space of the countryside can be seen as a symbol of freedom, it is also my freedom. We may not share the same problems, but we all want to be free. Each image relates to the corresponding text; the photographic exposure time conveys the prison sentence time, for example, if a prisoner is sentenced to 20 years, then the exposure is 20 minutes long. The longer the sentence time is, the fainter the image is. This is a representation of their lives; the longer they are in prison for, the worst their lives become and the more isolated they begin to be, sometimes completely fading into the background.

Please note; Unfortunately I do not have the permission to show the text and poetry written by those who have been incarcerated, so these are just the images from the project that I took myself.