Peace of Mind


Winter had come round again, with its low temperatures and long nights. In an average winter, the sun will set between the hours of 4pm and 6pm and will not rise until about 7-8pm. The clocks went back an hour on the 28th of October 2012 to mark the end of British Summer Time. One type of person to benefit largely from the sun setting earlier is a burglar. Figures have shown a trend for burglary to increase once the clocks have gone back as there are more hours of darkness to help conceal them. Warnings were given out from many local police authorities over Britain to guard against burglars this winter, urging people to use more security measures. Statistics are also showing an increase in reported burglaries with a 20% rise in Wales.

This project looks at the security measures we take for guarding our houses against burglars; using locks, chains, cameras, gates and other deterrents. The photos were all taken in the city of Newport because in 2010 The Independent named the Gwent county as the burglary capital of Britain and then went on to state ‘Newport is Gwent’s only city and, as might be expected, much of the crime takes place there’ (Hughes, 2010). According to the Street-level crime statistics on the South Wales Argus website, in November 2012 a total of 39 burglaries occurred in Newport during that month, the 5th most reported act of criminality. These photos highlight the types of security we use and have all been shot from head-height to represent a burglar’s point of view, as though we see through the burglars’ eyes as they approach the house before reaching an obstacle in their way.